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Come On Newgrounds

2014-05-25 19:36:04 by Trefus

Speak words to me

Getting There

2010-02-23 17:19:30 by Trefus

Yeah so even though iv been on ng along time and played the games i finally made an account
so it seems like im a newb
but im rising in rank as fast as possible
blaming and saving
snapping necks and cashing checks

First Blam

2009-02-12 12:34:35 by Trefus

Alright so i got my girst blam point today......what wonders


2009-01-30 12:30:27 by Trefus

So how many people are on this site?
whats the chances anyone will ever read these words besides myself?
alright i encourage all of you to create as many spore knock off games as possible and submit them on newgrounds
then we shall see witch is the best